Experience and Expertise

The owner and president of Ashksoftware Inc. has more than 30 years of commercial IT experience and expertise. The AshkSoftware staff holds related IT degrees, including BS in Computer Science, Oracle DBA Master, and OCP and OCE Certifications.

Our CA Software Solutions services are focused on delivering state of the art Software and Database Solutions which encompass many industries.

The following is a partial list

  • Data Migration and Convergence from Heterogeneous Systems into one Database (Los Angeles County DPSS)
  • Data Warehouse Migration and Enhancement (LMU University)
  • Data Governance and Integrity Software (Toyota Motor Sales)
  • Mobile Broadband Software
  • Database Migration, Upgrade, Performance Improvement (LAUSD, Department of VA)

Ashksoftware successfully delivers the Information Technology requirements, expertise, leadership, experience, dedication, and talent required to achieve IT goals, efficiently and reliably.

Ashksoftware provides IT Software design, and implementation with the aim of enabling organizations in achieving and securing information technology goals effectively and accurately. Ashksoftware offers expertise in choosing the right method for reaching your IT objectives, as well as the continual support that is essential from the start to post software implementation.